About Prop Gallery Events

Our Team

The team at Prop Gallery Events will never miss a good party, but designing and producing a party drives us! Motivated by our client's vision, we work to develop your thoughts and ideas making dreams come true. Prop Gallery employs some of the most creative thinkers around. Our position is to challenge each detail of every event [fabric, props, floral and lighting] in order to develop and implement the WOW factor.

By offering a variety of services, and working hand and hand with our clients, we are able to produce uniquely captivating and memorable experiences. Let us manage and curate your event from concept to installation; we have fun while doing it!


Greg Olsen – Founder/President and Owner

For over 19 years, Greg perceives each event as a new and exciting opportunity to create a lasting memory for each client. "Our business is in the art of the imagination to create a dream world and to provide value." Greg focuses on attention to detail ensuring customer satisfaction. His personalized approach forms long lasting relationships with clients and partners.


Rowena Wamil – Vice President of Sales and Events

An upbringing of hosting large family events in Hawaii. Rowena understands the value of providing a great party experience. Her passion to make a positive impact in peoples lives has led her to spend over a decade in customer service and years in retail leadership roles. She is willing to go the extra mile to make each persons special day unique and customized to meet their individual wants and needs.


Alex Witt – Production Manager

The variety of work presented at Prop Gallery keeps her engine running! Since 2011, Alex has enjoyed the diversity in her work, and takes pride in transforming a space into a beautiful work of art. Her favorite quote is by Oscar Wilde who once said, "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Alex describes work as a "big part of her life - and being able to live my work is wonderful.The look of joy on the client's face is worth it!" Alex is a Lead on Prop Gallery installs and removals. She is a strong, yet quiet force that works diligently with her team to create event perfection on behalf of her clients.